Battery Testing

Testing Your Powersport Battery

How much of a charge does the battery in your vehicle have? You don't want to get stranded somewhere because of a dead battery. There are four really reliable and easy ways to find out.

  • A hydrometer, which comes in floating ball and calibrated float types
  • A voltmeter, which gives DC voltage readings
  • The Battery Sitter®, tester, charger, maintainer & desulfater
  • Power Sonic Super Sport Series Handheld Tester

Which is best – hydrometer, voltmeter, Battery Sitter®, or our Handheld Tester

If you're choosing between the two types of hydrometers, use the calibrated float type. This one gives you an exact specific gravity reading (that is, the density of the electrolyte compared to water); that is much more accurate than floating balls.

A voltmeter can be used where a hydrometer can't. Factory Sealed or Sealed Maintenance Free batteries have to be tested with an instrument like a voltmeter since these batteries are Absorbed Glass Mat Technology (AGM), and completely sealed when purchased, or after being put into service. There is also no free flowing acid in these types of batteries.

Please note: Powersport battery testing requires a voltmeter that can measure DC voltage. Remember to always connect a voltmeter parallel to the circuit being tested, observing polarity. If you don't do this the pointer will travel in the wrong direction. It's also a good idea to regularly check a voltmeter against another one you know is accurate for reliable readings.

Since the Battery Sitter® is designed specifically for the testing of Powersport Batteries (all chemistries, all 12volt 2.5- 32 amp), this would be the ideal choice. Since the Battery Sitter® is capable of additional functions such as charging and battery maintenance, this would eliminate the need for additional purchases of other battery maintenance items.

Our Handheld Tester tests conventional, maintenance free, and factory sealed Powersport batteries. It's easy to use -simply connect it to the battery for immediate results. It measures the voltage as well as the prcentage of charge. It applies a mini load test (tester circuitry draws current to determine the state of charge). It also checks the charge voltage on the vehicle so you know your charging sysytem is working correctly.